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This is my summer break – I’ll be back Aug 18th. Thank U all for your interest in my passion for #skin #cosmeticdermatology #skinaging #hcsm

9:57am Jul 31 2014 —

Under Scrutiny: Stem Cells in Cosmetic Surgery @prsjournal As often credible evidence will make it. #nodatanotrust…

9:50am Jul 31 2014 —

Sensitive skin – please share any infos
#sensitiveskin in Brazil and Russia: Epidemiological & comparative approach

9:33am Jul 31 2014 —

RT @beapen: Variations in #laser energy outputs over a series of simulated treatments #dermatology

9:11am Jul 31 2014 —

Body dysmorphic disorder: beyond skin deep. Multidisciplinary approach is strongly recommended… #aestheticmedicine

3:16am Jul 31 2014 —

Updated international clinical recommendations on scar management: part 1-evaluating the evidence… #dermatology

3:13am Jul 31 2014 —

Perceived age vs real age – True #cosmeticdermatology insight
Perceived age reversal & improvement post face surgery…

3:10am Jul 31 2014 —

Home Use Devices next meeting will take place October 11th in Amsterdam during EADV… #HUDbeauty At-home beauty devices

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Laser & Intense Light Source – Core of Knowledge very good #dermatology #cosmeticdermatology lasers course

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At-home beauty device for hair removal. Good RCT from @ProcterGamble in @BrJDermatol… this is what #HUDbeauty needs

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