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‘Google Maps’ for the body: A biomedical revolution… #skinimaging at cellular level !! #dermatology

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Niche interactions in epidermal stem cells #skin #stemcells

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Complex interaction between aging mechanisms in the sebaceous gland #skinaging

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Retinoic acid and glycolic acid combination in the treatment of acne scars #dermatology

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Molecular basis for the therapeutic effectiveness of botulinum neurotoxin type A.… #cosmeticdermatology

10:26am Mar 31 2015 —

The Influence of God and Providence on Happiness and the QoL of Aesthetic Medicine Patients in Poland…

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Some data for Dermal Filler Princess Volume in the Treatment of NLFs.… too bad not controlled data!! #dermalfillers

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To doctors #Skin photoprotection & coffee, polyphenols consumption… Possible biases but interesting avenue of research

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@OlivierBranford you will have to tell how you achieve such great input. Bravo & merci for your #LoEvidence support #TOWIE

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