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Quite impressive, about #cosmetic vs. appearance of dark circles around the eyes

4:23pm May 31 2016 —

RT @JIDJournal: Commentary by Dr. Anne Lynn Chang: Expanding Our Understanding of Human Skin Aging

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RT @CosmopolitanUK: These haunting photos show exactly what the sun does to your skin

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RT @DrMJMurdoch: This is a paradigm shift in facial rejuvenation !

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RT @prsjournal: Most Popular: Bacterial Biofilm Infection Detected in Breast Implant–Associated Anaplastic Large-Cell Lymphom… https://t.…

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RT @cnnhealth: Many sunscreens contain lower SPF than their labels claim, study finds:

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RT @OlivierBranford: FREE PDF “Design for Natural Breast Augmentation: The ICE Principle” @prsjournal…

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RT @OlivierBranford: Here is our @imcasacademy webinar with @prsjournal on lipofilling in #PlasticSurgery https://t…

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RT @prsjournal: @PRSJournal #loves cake and #PlasticSurgery Social media! It’s a win win.

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