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RT @DrHema: @imcasacademy BoNT-A WEBINAR VIDEO LINK: Excellent faculty debate and Q&A w key points for injectors of all levels! https://t.c…

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RT @OlivierBranford: This is my most liked post ever! Article about this philosophy out this week in @WomanthologyUK

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RT @OlivierBranford: #PRP has no objective effect on alopecia in women in double-blind study… #EvidenceNotOpinion vi…

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Platelet-rich plasma #PRP for female androgenetic alopecia! no statistically improvement…

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RT @drgaurangjoshi: Keep ur Diet & Life style in tact,avoid stress to Manage #psoriasis on #worldpsoriasisday according 2 #Ayurved #dermato…

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RT @CMichaelGibson: New cholesterol drugs aren’t selling, and that’s worrying biotech…

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RT @prsjournal: #PRSGlobalOpen: Improving Patient Safety, Outcomes & Care one #openaccess article at a time at . #O…

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RT @AAdamsonMD: @ducrest @drpacocanales @drheatherfurnas I’m still skeptical.

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@drpacocanales @drheatherfurnas I have mixed feeling w/ #prp level of evidence. Will share a recent review in Dermatol Surgery. @AAdamsonMD

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RT @drroykim: #prp helps in skin quality after aesthetic facial plastic surgery- subjectively. No data yet! #evidencenotopinion #levelvi

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