Welcome to the SKINAID website!

The aim of SKINAID is to communicate the latest in skin science to the broadest audience.


The world of skin and beauty is both glamorous and scientific. On the glamorous side, there are many journals, websites, blogs and social media initiatives that are doing a good job of expressing various valid points of view.


On the scientific side there are far fewer initiatives. I am fascinated with skin science and the level of evidence in general, particularly in relation to cosmetic dermatology procedures and cosmetics. In these two fields evidence is either scarce (except for botulinum toxin) or at best remains accessible to a limited number of physicians. I believe that better quality and more easily accessible evidence will improve outcomes, enhance knowledge and boost consumer / patient trust and confidence.


I look at the world of skin through data; with facts and evidence rather than opinion as my guiding star. There is a growing public appetite for science news. I believe that information and data available in peer-reviewed journals and other scientific publications should reach a wider audience instead of just the happy few, including busy physicians, journalists, consumers and patients.


Going further, my ultimate model will be a combination of two ways to handle the information that is my daily source of inspiration:

  • Open-access journals that make information available to anyone. The best example is the work done by #PRSGlobalOpen and the dissemination of the data through #plasticsurgery to patients and consumers
  • Vox.com is a general interest news site for the 21st century. Its mission is simple: Explain the news.

Watch this space!

Dominique du Crest