Skin cancer

According to the World Health Organisation both non-melanoma and melanoma skin cancers have been increasing over the past decades; we are now facing an epidemic of these conditions. How did we get to this stage? Various initiatives including the ABCDE of melanoma have been developed by prestigious institutions to improve awareness and diagnosis but there is still no improvement in the prevalence of melanoma. Why is prevention apparently not effective and how hopeful does the future look? In this section we are aiming to provide a skin cancer focus in our daily bibliography coverage.

AI vs. #skincancer. An algorithm can determine which moles need a doctor’s attention. via ⁦@techreview⁩. Fyi ⁦…

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Common drug could be used to prevent certain skin cancers… #dermatology #skincancer

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And th…

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Scarce knowledge of systemic photoprotection among skin cancer patients
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First Immunotherapy Approved for Basal Cell Carcinoma… #cemiplimab #dermatology #skincancer

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RT @Vilavaite: The Rapid Rise in Cutaneous #Melanoma Diagnoses

by Gilbert Welch, @BenMazer and @AdeAdamson

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