Women in Cosmetology is a series of interviews of leading clinicians talking about their careers and reviewing current and prospective cosmetic topics. As consumers are becoming skeptical about skincare, it is critical to bring back expert voices & education at the center of the conversation to instill more trust & confidence

These interviews are coproduced by SkinAid and SkinLinkConsulting

Women in Cosmetology – Doctor Christine Lafforgue

Dr. Christine Lafforgue. PhD With a contagious intellectual curiosity and a creative energy, Christine tells us about transformative textures and the future trends in Skincare Formulation   BEHIND THE BUSINESS WOMAN About your career and the people who inspired you I am a Biologist and a Chemist by training. Early on, I got fascinated by […]

Women in Cosmetology – Doctor Martina Kerscher

Doctor Martina Kerscher Head, Division of Cosmetic Science- University of Hamburg With a skin-deep passion for Cosmetics Science, Dr Martina Kerscher, tells us about EVIDENCE-BASED skincare ingredients and the growing scientific attention given to Cosmetic Dermatology & Skincare over the past 10 years. BEHIND THE WOMAN About your career and the people who inspired you: […]