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Using evidence as the guiding star, the @ducrest Twitter timeline consists of the latest scientific publications in dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, cosmetics and Home-Use devices. Here you will find interesting information gleaned from science and technology sources as well as the lay press.

Skin cancer myth – to be managed with care ! Check out my latest article.
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RT @ducrest: @JAADjournals Access to dermatology care (now suboptimal) and to define skin health! #dermatology #dermatologia

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@JAADjournals Access to dermatology care (now suboptimal) and to define skin health! #dermatology #dermatologia

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Jrnl of Cosmetic Dermatology editorial – February 2021 onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.11…
If I’m not wrong this is one of the…


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RT @ESDRorg: Catch up with our latest #ESDRKitchen webinar: youtu.be/tRJ866NwHmU

Thank you @drsarabrown and @sineadlangan_1 for this Ep…

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@DanielWhitby @intjderm endless #acne #dermatology debate

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Google search trends for itch in Europe – the aim of this study was to attain insights into common concerns regardi…


1:39pm Jan 19 2021 —

Bioactive compounds for skin health: A Review
#dermatology #dermatologia

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Diet and acne: review of the evidence from 2009 to 2020
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The role played by s…


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@AdeAdamson @BenMazer @NEJM Thank you for your thread – so valuable to understand. Merci

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