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Metaverse in diagnosis of skin diseases
by Jyoti Kumari @DrKinnorDas @MohamadGoldust via…


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@TheJEADV @imcascongress @PsoriasisIFPA @IADPO @aedv_es Skin & Digital – The conversation must go on!…


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The Skin & Digital Summit in 2023 – Conversation must go on
Please register & be part of the conversation that impa…


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RT @ducrest: BeautyTech! But what about Dermatology Tech! linkedin.com/pulse/beautyte… via @LinkedIn
Sources: @tiktok_us @FT @sanofi @LOrealGro…

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I have received a message from a cosmeceutical companies to post & advertise on my Instagram page. I’ve been promis…


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Most @JAMADerm viewed article (30 days)
Safety and effectiveness of nutritional supplements for treating hair loss…


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The climate crisis affects us all jamanetwork.com/journals/jamad… by @MishaRosenbach @DrJohnBarbieri via @JAMADerm


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Current Digital Direct-to-Consumer Advertising – The Tip of the Iceberg jamanetwork.com/journals/jamao…
The noteworthy take…


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