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Using evidence as the guiding star, the @ducrest Twitter timeline consists of the latest scientific publications in dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, cosmetics and Home-Use devices. Here you will find interesting information gleaned from science and technology sources as well as the lay press.

Will smartphone applications help to promote #skincancer primary prevention? jaad.org/article/S0190-… and comment…


2:41am Dec 14 2018 —

2018 update on dermatologic laser therapy: Part 1 – epilation, vascular lesions and pigments (free access article)…


1:35pm Dec 13 2018 —

Plan for avoiding hyaluronic acid dermal filler-related complications during facial aesthetic procedures…


1:30pm Dec 13 2018 —

#PsoriasisAwareness – YouTube videos abt psoriasis biologics practiceupdate.com/C/77007/56?els… If anecdotal evidence is on YT…


2:48am Dec 13 2018 —

#EczemaAwareness – High concentrations of indoor allergens may be associated with increased AD severity in children…


2:29am Dec 13 2018 —

#PsoriasisAwareness – Online care versus in-person care? Similar efficacy for improving #psoriasis patients quality…


2:19am Dec 12 2018 —

Aging in skin of color – despite the photoprotective properties of melanin, chronic sun exposure exacerbated featur…


2:12am Dec 12 2018 —

4:51pm Dec 11 2018 —

RT @kevinmd: It’s time for teamwork in dermatology buff.ly/2kbxsH7 pic.twitter.com/70u9YDXqY0

4:45pm Dec 11 2018 —

Artificial Intelligence in Health Care
1/ Questions for #ai in #healthcare jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/…
2/ Humanizing…


4:35pm Dec 11 2018 —