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Call for Submissions on Aging from @JIDJournal “La crème de la crème” abt senescence, regeneration, life span, DNA…


2:22am Aug 4 2020 —

Efficacy and safety of oral tranexamic acid as an adjuvant in Indian patients with melasma onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.111…


1:30am Aug 3 2020 —

RT @ducrest: @PennMedNews @GoHealio Threat or Opportunity! Patients increasingly turn to social media for dermatologic diagnoses, treatment…

2:37am Aug 2 2020 —

@PennMedNews @GoHealio Threat or Opportunity! Patients increasingly turn to social media for dermatologic diagnoses…


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A must read – with or without Covid-19 the ‘apex predators’ will have been there!
businessoffashion.com/articles/opini… via @BoF

2:06am Aug 2 2020 —

The first mention of itch in history? When Egyptologists scratch their heads onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.11…


1:58am Aug 2 2020 —

Prevalence of Allergies in China and Impact on Skin –
Epidemiological Study on a Representative Sample of Chinese A…


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RT @ducrest: Celebrity culture, like placebo, can have positive or negative effects! skinaid.eu/editorial/cele… The new #skinaideditorial hope…

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