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Periorbital pigmentation: An alarming sign of metabolic syndrome ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30661284 #dermatology #dermatologia

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Oral isotretinoin for acne – Cochrane Systematic Reviews cochranelibrary.com/cdsr/doi/10.10… 31 RCTs, involving 3836 participan…


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Paraben Toxicology – worth reading for all anti #parabens
1/ formally declared as (non)allergen of the year
2/ Has…


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@skirkwb Thanks for pointing this article

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RT @ducrest: “Gut feelings” and medical decision! Doctors are tapping into something that the machine may not be seeing https://t.co/C74FgC…

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RT @ducrest: Beauty Sick: How the Cultural Obsession with Appearance Hurts Girls and Women by By Renee Engeln Ph.D. bodyandmedia.com

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RT @ducrest: #getevidenceoutoflibraries This is my “raison de vivre” specially Re #skin #dermatology #dermatologia #skinhealth #skincancer

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RT @ducrest: Precisely because #AI will not replace physicians any time soon thelancet.com/journals/lance… #VisualDx will be a game changer in #d…

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Genetic study provides novel insights into the evolution of skin color via @ScienceDaily sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/…


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