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Using evidence as the guiding star, the @ducrest Twitter timeline consists of the latest scientific publications in dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, cosmetics and Home-Use devices. Here you will find interesting information gleaned from science and technology sources as well as the lay press.

Dermatology & social media – from Dr @SandraLeeMD @DrPimplePopper and make up your mind about her six pearls of adv…


4:56am Oct 20 2020 —

RT @TheJEADV: We are announcing the launch of #thedermatologypodcast brought to you by the @EADV and @TheJEADV
Tune in to Ep1 with Prof. Ri…

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Sebaceous gland – the “brain of the skin” onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.11… via @ExpDermatol
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12:57pm Oct 19 2020 —

RT @ducrest: @bmj_latest @unibirmingham @AdeAdamson @olgafan @AdvancingDerm @DermatologyJC Smartphone mobile applications #mHealth for skin…

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@bmj_latest @unibirmingham @AdeAdamson @olgafan @AdvancingDerm @DermatologyJC Smartphone mobile applications…


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Letter To The Editor – Jrnl of Dermatology.
Development of psoriasis during docetaxel therapy in a patient with no…


12:42pm Oct 19 2020 —

Fascinating 513! – this is the number of clinically relevant terms for denoting human surface anatomy, towards the…


12:36pm Oct 19 2020 —

The climate emergency: why should dermatologists care, and how can they act? Thank you Doctor @MishaRosenbach for…


12:28pm Oct 19 2020 —

Systemic autoinflammatory disorders (SAIDs) for dermatologists. Part2-disease examples


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A review of fatty acids influencing skin condition onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.111…
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