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RT"@Dermatology_OW: Barnett Dermatology Offers Tips for Maintaining Great Skin in 2012."

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RT @COSMETICMED: Women in their 40s should use Retinol products to prevent sun damage, as well as to reverse the damage from years of su …

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Adverse reactions to injectable soft tissue fillers.

9:25am Dec 29 2011 —

Adverse reactions caused by consecutive injections of different fillers in the same facial region.

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The effects of a high glycerin content hydrogel premolded mask dressing on post-laser resurfacing wounds.

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Evaluation of mesotherapeutic injections of 3 combinations of lipolytic agents for body contouring. mesotherapy

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Camouflage for patients with vitiligo.

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Depigmentation therapies in vitiligo. dermatology.

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PDT with BF-200 ALA for AK the treatment: a multicentre, randomized, observer-blind phase III study….…

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Daylight photodynamic therapy for actinic keratosis: international consensus. Dermatology, non-melanoma skin cancers.…

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