Tweet Archive for October 2015

Novel retinoid ester in combination with salicylic acid for the treatment of acne… by @zoedraelosmd #skinaging

1:27pm Oct 30 2015 —

European Commission approves zinc oxide as a UV filter in cosmetics… #sunscreens

1:26pm Oct 30 2015 —

CT in progress Johns Hopkins U. Effect of Broccoli Sprout Extract on Keratinocyte Differentiation in Normal #skin…

1:16pm Oct 30 2015 —

100 Years of Brazilian Beauty with Cintia Dicker via @YahooBeauty…

1:02pm Oct 30 2015 —

A Global Perspective of Beauty in a Multicultural World via @JAMAFacial… #BeautyIsPlural

12:58pm Oct 30 2015 —

RT @ObesityCourse: Have you heard? Single gene variation linked to obesity #obesity #obesitymedicine #obesityscience

8:45am Oct 30 2015 —

The “myth” of basic science! Respectful Insolence – what about translational science via @Scienceblogs…

1:09am Oct 30 2015 —

The Myth of Basic Science! Does scientific research drive innovation? Not very often, argues Matt Ridley @WSJD

1:05am Oct 30 2015 —

Gender equality & achieving institutional change by moving around out-of-date dinosaurs by Dr @OlivierBranford…

4:22pm Oct 29 2015 —

Case Report: Woman’s skin lesions reveal rare genetic disorder @JAMADerm #skinscience…

4:10pm Oct 29 2015 —