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Why PIP scandal should not lead to Cosmetic Surgery Banned?…
Check my comment bottom of the page. ASAPS FDA #implants

5:01pm Jan 31 2012 —

RT “@McCaffertyMD: Should cosmetic surgery be banned? Recent headlines stir debate”.
My response why it should not??

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Visible Signs Of Aging Improved By Pycnogenol (French Maritime Pine Bark Extract) In New Study. #ageing…

1:34pm Jan 31 2012 —

Platelet-Rich Plasma Combined with Fractional Laser Therapy for Skin Rejuvenation. autologous human platelets. PRP…

1:21pm Jan 31 2012 —

RT“@Consulting_Room: Have you take our poll yet? Should all Cosmetic Surgery Advertising be Banned?

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A Randomized, Blinded Clinical Evaluation of a Novel Microwave Device for Treating Axillary Hyperhidrosis. dermatology…

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RT“@dermatology: Dermatology News- FDA Approves Drug For Common Skin Cancer. Melanoma

12:20pm Jan 31 2012 —

RT“@CAR_UWE: Anyone interested in the psychology of appearance! Look at the Appearance Matters conference July 2012 UK

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Carboxytherapy carbon dioxide injections in aesthetic medicine. Lipolysis, dermal regeneration.…

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Beauté : médecine esthétique at home : tous les traitements visage & corps. Mais quelles preuves ?…

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