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RT @MedscapeDerm: #ASCO2014 First cup!!!–start your day with the daily ASCO preview article from Medscape; missed Friday? here it is: http…

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RT @ASDSSkinExperts: Ultrasound treatments new weapon used to wage war on wrinkles and excess poundage.

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RT @aesthetika: @DailyMail this is completely irresponsible journalism
” ..#Botox is strongest … on the market”…

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RT @HomeBeautyDevic: Ever wondered how microcurrent works, treatments like CACI?… #bbloggers #HUDbeauty

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RT @iMedicalApps: Why Samsung’s Simband will not make a significant health impact #quantifiedself

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Face-to-face with anti-inflammatory therapy for rosacea… #dermatology

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Cosmeceutical Effect on Skin Surface Profiles and Epidermis in UV-B–Irradiated Mice via @JAMAFacial #cosmeceuticals…

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Rise Of Fake Botox Is Endangering Women And Men via @HuffPoLifestyle #cosmeticdermatology @imcascongress

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Pleasant smells increase facial attractiveness — ScienceDaily… #BeautyIsYourself

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FDA Orders New Warning Labels for Tanning Beds: MedlinePlus… #skincancer

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