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10 million impressions for hashtag #skincancer in December 2018 and here are the influencers.
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12:54pm Dec 31 2018 —

Aquí están los influenciadores de #dermatologia para Diciembre 2018 con más de 4,5 millones de impresiones.

5:55am Dec 31 2018 —

Hashtag #dermatology with 13 million impressions in December 2018. Let’s keep on sharing dermatology #evidence usin…

5:43am Dec 31 2018 —

Association of Frequency of Organic Food Consumption With Cancer Risk – NutriNet-Santé Prospective Cohort Study…

5:20am Dec 31 2018 —

World congress on advanced treatments and technologies in skin cancer – 4-5 Avril 2019

3:44am Dec 29 2018 —

RT @SujataJolly: @ducrest The very nature of the laser technology should have set alarm bells ringing. Alas, Laser is still being tauted as…

4:54am Dec 28 2018 —

Thakral seals JV with UK-based CurrentBody, an online retailer for at-home beauty devices to continue expansion in…

4:06am Dec 28 2018 —

Emotional and Behavioural Reactions to Receiving Personalised Melanoma Genomic Risk Information: A Qualitative Stud…

2:16am Dec 28 2018 —

#VitiligoAwareness – Involvement of non melanocytic skin cells in vitiligo…
#vitiligo #dermatology #dermatologia

2:11am Dec 28 2018 —

Complications of laser and light-based devices therapy in patients with skin of color

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