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RT @fredhutch: “Nobody wants to talk about it…Sex after #cancer has become the elephant in the bedroom.” –@double_whammied…

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RT @edrneelesh: The latest Digital Medicine Digest! Thanks to @vccircle @rangakidambee @ducrest #demsinphilly #smm

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RT @Ezzoef: @zbysfedo @eczemasupport @CebdNottm Cochrane review on emollients and moisturisers for eczema submitted yesterday

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RT @NatureNews: “No one should be surprised that peer review is often biased and inefficient.”…

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RT @RODdermmentors: Great poster from Dr. Dominique du Crest at #AAD16Summer! #Dermatology @ducrest @AADMtgs

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@OrGenix @ONS I guess because SPF does not do the entire job! More 3rd week of August w/ my editorial “#skincancer prevention is a failure”

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Rates of melanoma in the UK have more than doubled since 1995. Great summary from @ONS #skincancer #melanoma

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RT @imcasacademy: Meet the lipofilling experts of the webinar #IMCASAsia @ASJrnl @ASAPS @NahaiDr @rsnassab https://…

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RT @OlivierBranford: Delighted to see our article on the patient journey in #BreastReconstruction out next week htt…

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