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iGrow Gets FDA Approval: Balding Men Everywhere, Rejoice!!EB.BwCMC #alopecia #hairloss

1:37pm Sep 29 2014 —

The 3D printed living bandage that could revolutionize skin grafts #skin

11:42am Sep 29 2014 —

At-home Beauty device; Philips PureRadiance Skin Cleansing System, Blue #HUDbeauty

11:40am Sep 29 2014 —

The One Thing Dermatologists Agree On (Other Than Sunscreen) #skinaging #photoaging

11:38am Sep 29 2014 —

Prejuvenation: Why Women Are Getting Botox Before They Need It. As far as I know, no prevention data #nodatanotrust

11:34am Sep 29 2014 —

Allergan Grows “Increasingly Hostile” To Shareholders: Pentwater #Valeant

11:30am Sep 29 2014 —

EXCLUSIVE Killer Botox: Dangerous DIY kits sold online #thisisinsane

11:29am Sep 29 2014 —

Why has our perception of cosmetic surgery changed? #BeautyIsPlural #cosmeticdermatology

11:20am Sep 29 2014 —

Why Brazil loves nip and tuck, as told by country’s plastic surgery ‘maestro’ #cosmeticsurgery

11:19am Sep 29 2014 —

Epidermal photonic devices. Here the Nature Communications publication #quantifiedself #quantifiedskin #skinscience

1:43pm Sep 28 2014 —