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Using evidence as the guiding star, the @ducrest Twitter timeline consists of the latest scientific publications in dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, cosmetics and Home-Use devices. Here you will find interesting information gleaned from science and technology sources as well as the lay press.

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RT @QiCProgramme: #QiCDermatology2021 now open for entry, entry deadline 12 March 2021. Five entry categories no entry fee. Share your work…

4:18pm Nov 23 2020 —

Keloid disorder: Fibroblast differentiation and gene expression profile in fibrotic skin diseases…


1:45pm Nov 23 2020 —

Decoding complex skin diseases: Integrating genetics, genomics, and disease biology via @JIDJournals


1:33pm Nov 23 2020 —

Role of Dipeptidyl Peptidase‐4 in cutaneous disease via @ExpDermatol onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.11…
Since DPP4 is ubiquito…


1:27pm Nov 23 2020 —

Teledermatology – this deep neural network appears to be a promising tool in the triage and evaluation of lesions w…


1:12pm Nov 23 2020 —

RT @JIDJournals: Meeting Report: 68th Montagna Symposium on the Biology of Skin “Decoding Complex Skin Diseases: Integrating Genetics, Geno…

10:20am Nov 22 2020 —

10:14am Nov 22 2020 —

RT @Cosmetexpert: Notre dernier ouvrage grand public sur les cosmétiques (très très) bientôt disponible ! pic.twitter.com/qkeRRpEzdv

8:53am Nov 20 2020 —

Itch & Pruritus – my latest article linkedin.com/pulse/itch-pru… @LinkedIn
Thanks @DermTalks @itchdoctor @YouTube


11:37am Nov 19 2020 —

RT @AdeAdamson: Also see podcast associated with this new article: edhub.ama-assn.org/jn-learning/au…

11:31am Nov 19 2020 —